This is a version of the RackCtls 1.20 components adapted to work with Lazarus (tested under windows and Linux).

It’s a collection of components with an “Hi-fi system” appearance:

  • TLEDButton a button with a LED.
  • TLEDButtonPanel its matching panel. This has been renamed since Lazarus has a TButtonPanel component in its standard palette.
  • TScrewPanel a panel with screws in its corners.
  • TLEDDisplay 7-segment LED display for numerical values.
  • TLEDMeter LED bar graph, Vu-meter style.

This version should work as the original one under delphi as well (the Lazarus specific parts are conditionally compiled), but I couldn’t test that.

Unfortunately the author (Simon Reinhardt) didn’t reply to my email requests, so I couldn’t send him the modified files and I don’t have his explicit permission to publish the modified component, however the original license should allow me to do so. I hope that if he notices this page he’ll contact me.

Grab the latest version, unzip it and install the lazarus package (RackCtlsPkg.lpk) in the ide, then you can open the RackDemo.lpi project in the LazDemo subdirectory to see the components in action.

If you prefer you can take a look in the download directory for older revisions or go to the source repository at github.