Actuator plugin

I’m not really keeping it up to date with current vdr versions. You can check the sources at github


This is a plugin for the Video Disk Recorder (VDR).

THIS PLUGINS NEEDS vdr >= 1.7.15

(If you have an older release of vdr, look in the OLD directory. Note that it must be >= 1.3.7 anyway)

Releases 1.0.5 is the last one working with vdr 1.4.x

Release 1.1.1 is for vdr 1.6.0

With this plugin you can control a linear or an horizon to horizon actuator controlled through the parallel port.

This kind of actuator usually needs a 36V supply (I drive mine at 12V to reduce noise) and has a reed relay that gives pulses while the motor is running. By counting the pulses you know the position of the actuator (and the position of the dish).

You have to build a simple circuit to interface the parallel port to the actuator. The circuit I used is in the file actuator.sch (made with geda-gschem, a png rendering is in actuator.png) in the “module” subdirectory.

You also have to build and load a kernel module (2.6.x kernel needed), look in the “module” subdirectory for details.

You can also use this plugin without an actuator as a channel scanner. See the README files for details.

Savechannel plugin

This plugin saves the channel as soon as you switch to it, so, if vdr crashes, when it restarts it will tune to it and not to the last channel saved in setup.conf

Iaxphone plugin


This plugin is a very simple (read: not very featureful and hopefully with an high WAF ;-) softphone using the iax protocol (asterisk server).

It uses the iaxclient library to handle every details of the call, so the plugin is just an user interface.

It needs a free (i.e that isn’t used by something else, like a softdevice plugin), full-duplex sound card.

Miscellaneous things

  • Check my patch for the ttxtsubs plugin (now integrated in the premium-edition patch available at
  • Here you can find icons for the Enigma skin with reduced number of colors (so they show on a dxr3).
  • Here you’ll find a simple python script to extract HD dvb subtitles from vdr ts recordings and convert them to srt. It uses ProjectX to extract the subtitles (use the cvs version, the released one doesn’t support HD subtitles) , BDSup2Sub to normalize and convert them to png images, ImageMagick‘s convert to improve the images and finally gocr to convert the images to text. I use it for HD recordings from the BBC, I don’t know if it’ll work with other channels.